Image of Haia

Haia’s musical journey started early on. Growing up in a small Israeli town, her talent was discovered by a composer at the tender age of six. Haia became a soloist in a adult traveling choir and by the age of thirteen she was touring internationally with the choir as a soloist. Later she joined a touring 16-piece band, captivating audiences at renowned events and prestigious hotels worldwide.

Haia’s versatility is a defining force. A master of many genres, she can effortlessly shift from soulful jazz to powerful dance tunes captivating audiences with a range as diverse as her experiences. Her ability to perform songs in multiple languages is a testament to her deep understanding of how music transcends beyond cultural boundaries.

Despite her early success, Haia never lost sight of her passion for learning. She completed her doctorate degree in psychology at FIT, Melbourne, finding an additional way to connect with people, while music remained her constant companion. While studying, she spent her summers touring Germany for seven years, with a steady show at the infamous lobby of the Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

As a seasoned psychologist she readily admits that music is her true therapy. And for music lovers fortunate enough to experience the Pink Spice Band, Haia’s voice is a powerful therapy as well – a soulful escape, a burst of energy, and a testament to the enduring power of music.

Kenny Poe


A seasoned musician with over 50 years in the industry, Kenny Poe is the heart and soul of The Pink Spice Band, wielding his keyboard mastery as the band’s musical director. His versatility transcends genres, making him a walking encyclopedia of music – there’s a good chance he can play any song thrown his way.

Beyond The Pink Spice Band, Kenny’s illustrious career boasts stints with numerous high-profile bands. He’s also a respected studio musician, having collaborated with a who’s who of renowned artists on countless recordings.

Richie Mola

Drummer & Percussionist

Drummer and percussionist Richie Mola hails from New York City where he attended the High School of Music and Art, The Jazzmobile School, and studied privately with jazz great Charlie Persip (Dizzy Gillespie). With confidence he took to the streets and frequented some of the jam sessions in the city.

After moving to Florida, the creative juices were flowing with the newly found space to practice while able to travel to meet any gig obligations. The vision of becoming the “first-call” player was starting to materialize. He quickly signed on with a band that had steady work. With this band, Richie performed everywhere from the Orlando/Sanford area to Cape Canaveral to Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” in Key West. It was then that he started to cut his southern blues chops. Steve Miller (Allman Brothers, Elvin Bishop, John Lee Hooker) would, at times, come and play with Richie and the band that he was in. Richie went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Central Florida. Richie has appeared with jazz artists Ira Sullivan, Linda Cole, Turk Mauro, and Richie Cole. More recently, he has been providing the drumming and percussion for former American Idol finalist Micah Read. Richie has appeared with jazz artists Ira Sullivan, Linda Cole, Turk Mauro, and Richie Cole. More recently, he has been providing the drumming and percussion for former American Idol finalist Micah Read. At the present time, Richie is drumming for the Award-winning, dynamic, and original band: Professor Pennygoode’s Mighty Flea Circus. Along With The Mighty Flea Circus, he went on to record in Los Angeles and had two records produced by the legendary Slim Jim Phantom. One of the songs has two drummers: Richie Mola and Slim Jim Phantom play double drums on “Wreckin’ Ball.”

Richie is the Core Drummer of the Pink Spice Band and always provides rhythm that you can not resist.

Ashton Gould


Ashton is outstandingly dynamic and versatile. Ashton is the newest member of the band and brings an unique level of energy to every performance.

Lou (Louie) Castro


Image of Lou

Lou Castro’s musical journey began in a way unlike any other. Forget the traditional first guitar lesson – Lou’s first instrument was a Mickey Mouse record player, dragged behind his Philadelphia bike by its power cable! His early “guitars” were equally unconventional, progressing from a broom to a badminton racket, and finally, a tennis racket.

At nine, Lou transitioned to the more formal world of classical piano lessons. But the pull of the strings proved too strong – by eleven, he was finally holding a real guitar. This wasn’t just a childhood whim, though. Lou honed his skills at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, solidifying himself as a serious musician.

Lou’s musical life is now a vibrant tapestry. He’s a principal player in a variety of bands, each offering a unique sound: the electrifying Coyote, the soulful Raygun Ruby, the eclectic Martin Garrish & Friends, and the beachy Ocracoke Rockers. He’s also a familiar face on the Florida Space Coast music scene, guesting with bands like Brenda Evans, Broadband, and Blue Moon Rising.

As a core member of the Pink Spice Band, Lou contributes his expertise and passion, helping to create their signature sound.

Lou Castro’s story is one of unwavering passion and creative exploration. From his unconventional beginnings to his mastery of the instrument, he continues to captivate audiences with his diverse musical talents.

Scott Martin


Image of Scott Martin

The band has Scott on saxophone and woodwinds. He has
over 20 years of experience in the music industry. He is a former
member of three United States Air Force bands and has toured
extensively throughout the United States and abroad. He is a skilled
saxophonist, flutist, and clarinetist, and can play a variety of genres, including
jazz, classical, and pop. Haia stated, “You can always count of Scott, and frankly, the world needs more of people like him at this time!”

Alex Soya


The mastermind behind the band’s pristine sound is Alex Soya. Alex isn’t just the tech wiz who runs Brevard Cloud, a Brevard County IT support company; he’s a maestro of sound, passionate about everything from studio production to live performance. As The Pink Spice Band’s sound engineer, Alex’s expertise ensures the talent on stage shines through in the best possible way. When Alex isn’t wielding the faders, you might find him rocking out with his wife, Haia